Sunday, February 9, 2020

Patric Chan Live photo 1209403825923870

Patric Chan Live photo 1209403825923870
Taken from last weekend's 2-Day Summit. The next summit's registration is now open! Full details at This is the hot seat session on Day 1, with the available experts. The hot seat session is one of the highlights for the summit because it's the opportunity to ask questions directly to all of the experts available. One of the question asked was this: "What you have regretted not doing for your online business?" What would be your answer? 🙂MORE INFO CLICK HERE 

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Patric Chan Live video 451228178895075

Lunch time! 😎 And this is not a live video, although I said, "Patric Chan here, coming to you live!" 🤣 MORE INFO CLICK HERE