Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Applied Entrepreneurship 2: Acceleration Plan Development and Evaluation

Applied Entrepreneurship 2: Acceleration Plan Development and EvaluationApplied Entrepreneurship II is a follow-on course from Applied Entrepreneurship I.  You’ll dive even deeper into developing a plan to accelerate your business, doing some research to pull together facts and figures to develop a more complete acceleration plan to help you understand the more intricate details of how to iterate certain parts of your business model to grow your business.  In this course you will: Create an outline of your acceleration plan: Define and size your market based upon your new view Develop and implement a market research plan More fully understand what marketing entails Learn more about adding to your  entrepreneurial team and how to lead it effectively Develop a detailed financial plan for your business and, if needed, how to obtain outside financing You can then enter an exciting competition where you could win a cash prize that you can use to help grow your business, presenting to a panel of judges who will not only determine winners, but will also provide you with guidance for moving forward.

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