Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Top Internet Marketer Banned By Google (Shocking!)

Top Internet Marketer Banned By Google (Shocking!): Top Internet Marketer Banned By Google (Shocking!)

About a year ago a well known marketer saw that dreaded subject line is his email account:
"Your Google Adwords account has been disabled"
You can read the full story here:
Scary thing is, this is happening to more and more people, and it could happen to you too.
And the worst thing...
You can't TALK to a human being about it. They won't let you through their voice mail from hell menu. They won't even give you a reason.
You help make Google rich and to show their appreciation, they slap one of their one million "user agreement guidelines" in your face (that seem to change like the direction the wind blows)... and Google even has the nerve to CLOSE accounts without any explanation!
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