Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Extreme Super Solo Ad Package

Extreme Super Solo Ad Package: "
ATTENTION: ONLY 3 Packages Remaining....

"Extreme Super Solos"
A Mass Of Intense Traffic
Never Before Seen!"
Your Super Solo Ad will be run in 12 of our high traffic sites listed below!

>>> PLUS Super Solo To 35,000 Subscribers On Our aWeber List <<<
EXTRA Bonus for today only

- Founder Membership at Unlimited Viral Ads
- Lifetime Upgrade at Post Ads View Ads
- Lifetime Upgrade and 5 solos at Email My Ads (oh boy)

This bonus is valued at over $300 alone.

Now FEATURING A SUPER SOLO TO OVER 10,000 Subscribers at...

From:Louis Lejeune
RE: Massive Super Solo Ad Pack.

Dear Fellow Marketer,

It's important to show YOU what the package includes and as you will see this is a very limited offer since there are ONLY 3 open solo campaign slots. 3 Packages Left!

Super Solo Ad Will Go Out To:
SafelisteXtreme.com (Subscribers: 12,000)
DragonSafelist.com (Subscribers: 10,000)
MoneyMakerSafelist.com (Subscribers: 1,500)
ViralAdLand.com (Subscribers: 1,100)
TrafficAdLinks.com (Subscribers: 3,500)
UltimateSafelistExchange.com (Subscribers: 5,490)
InstantTrafficGeneration.com (Subscribers: 5,000)
TrafficCenter.com (Subscribers: 16,000)
WebTrafficExtreme.com (Subscribers: 6,000)
UnlimitedViralAds.com (Subscribers: 1,000)
PostAdsViewAds.com (Subscribers: 1,200)
EmailMyAds.com (Subscribers: 1,200)
QuantumSafelist.com (Subscribers: 10,000)
These incredible sites are jam packed with active members just waiting to see what you have to offer!

Total Value of this part alone - $467!
See for yourself the Solo Ad Value of our main list alone here!

To appreciate what you are getting do watch the short video above. It will describe in detail the incredible value of this EXTREME Traffic Package!

Get instant access right now.
Yes! I want to get the Extreme Super Solo Ad Package right now. I understand that I will get:
12 Incredible Solo Ads To your network of sites above
1 solo Ad in George Kosch's Main list here: See Normal Price of $68 Here
Founder Membership at Unlimited Viral Ads
Lifetime Upgrade at Post Ads View Ads
Lifetime Upgrade and 5 solos at Email My Ads (oh boy)
Total Value of this entire package is OVER : $700! YOU SAVE Over $600!!

YOUR Cost $67!

I want the $600 Savings So I Agree to Join the Free Membership Program and Purchase This Drastically Price Reduced Super Solo Package.
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Due to the fact this order will be packed please allow 24 hours for us to email you the form to give us your ad.


Louis Lejeune

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